Dear Friends,

On Saturday, November 5, 2022, we will hold our second Founder’s Day Celebration at Earle’s Chapel. This is a day dedicated to sharing our history and preserving the legacy for future generations. Please join us and bring your stories, your pictures, your genealogical research. We plan to begin at 10 a.m. when the local cub scout troop, in honor of Veteran’s Day, will assist us in placing flags on the graves of veterans buried at Earle’s Chapel. In the hall we will have charts of genealogical information ( we’ll share what we have and rely on you to add to the charts ). We will also be displaying some pictures taken at Earle’s Chapel throughout the years of her existence, and would love for you to bring your own pictures as well. If you are willing, we will make digital copies to store for the future. We plan to be around until 4 p.m., but don’t leave without picking up our new brochure leading you on a self-guided historical tour of the grounds. At each site, you will find shiny new plaques with QR codes printed on them which, when scanned, will take you to some interesting historical information. We hope you will also consider joining us at 8:45 Sunday morning for an old-time church service, complete with some of your favorite hymns from the past.
Finally, it goes without saying that there is a cost associated with maintaining a 150 year old building. We will always inform you if we have a major repair to deal with, but there are always minor repairs to make, and we’d really like to establish a fund sufficient to deal with such things. Would you consider sending a one-time donation or arranging for a small monthly contribution? We will, of course, be accepting donations at Founder’s Day, but if you are unable to attend, you may make donations online at or mail them to:

Friends of Earle’s Chapel
P.O. Box 2188
Jacksonville, Texas, 75766

We hope you can attend, and look forward to visiting with you there!

Billy Raines (5th generation Earle)
President, Friends of Earle’s Chapel

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