About Friends of Earle’s Chapel

Earle’s Chapel is a picturesque little one-room church situated at the end of a peaceful shaded drive in deep East Texas.  Next door is a well-maintained little cemetery, the burial place for generations of local families. The earliest grave site belongs to Elijah Earle, who donated the land for both  in 1858 to serve as a school, place of worship, community meeting place and burial grounds.

In 1992, the State of Texas recognized both the church and the cemetery as Designated Historical Sites. Friends of Earle’s Chapel was formed as a non-profit corporation dedicated primarily to raising funds for the protection and preservation of these historical sites, including the buildings, grounds and structures.   Additionally the organization seeks to preserve a record of the history and heritage of the site, continuing in the spirit of Elijah Earle by sustaining a meeting place for the community, fostering educational opportunities and identifying and fulfilling the charitable needs of the surrounding community.