Cemetery Rules and Map

The Earle’s Chapel Cemetery Association has provided a map of the cemetery to assist you in locating your loved ones. It can be found posted under the covered structure just inside the cemetery entrance.


These rules and regulations govern the conduct of all persons while in the confines of the Earle’s Chapel Cemetery.  Visitors are reminded that the cemetery is a sacred place. Slow speed, quiet, and reverence must be observed at all times.

VISITING HOURS:  Visiting hours are from Sunrise to Sunset daily.  Children under sixteen years of age must be accompanied by an adult.  An adult must closely supervise young children at all times.

SITE SELECTION:  A member of the cemetery committee must be with family when a gravesite is purchased and when the site is staked for burial.  The cost of a gravesite is $250.00 per gravesite.  Each grave is limited to the interment of one human remains or no more than two cremated human remains unless an exception is granted by the Cemetery Committee.  Remains will be appropriately contained in a casket or urn.

MAUSOLEUMS:  Mausoleums must be made of marble or granite only and be manufactured by a professional monument company.  Enough full size gravesites must be purchased to accommodate the mausoleum if its size is greater than a normal gravesite.  The Cemetery Board must approve the mausoleum prior to its installation.

MEMORIALS:  Memorials may consist of flush mount bronze markers on a granite or concrete base, above ground granite or marble markers or granite or granite monuments with granite bases and granite or marble benches.  No free standing statues are allowed.  Memorials cannot contain lewd or offensive language or depictions.  No monuments may be set or lettered on Sundays or holidays.  Temporary funeral home markers are permitted for only (6) months after which they must be replaced with a permanent marker.  Only natural colored monument materials are allowed.  Natural colored concrete monuments are permitted, but may be only flat design.  All monuments must be orientated perpendicular to the grave.  No wooden grave markers allowed.  Fencing, railing, curbing, coping, borders, corner markers, brick, stone, gravel are not allowed upon and around the grave spaces.  The planting of trees, shrubs, or other living plants is not permitted.

FUNERAL SERVICES:  Funeral services are private and are open to only the family and friends of the deceased.  There will be no bands, open beverage containers, or any other activities, other than the normal graveside activities that would take away from the reverence of the service.  Services are limited to one (1) hour.  Funeral service flower arrangements are permitted to remain on the gravesite for no more than fourteen (14) days.

FLORAL REGULATIONS:  Floral arrangements (excluding Funeral Service arrangements), either artificial or fresh cut, must be placed on the monument.  Flowers are limited to four (4) arrangements per grave.  Toys and other articles are limited to one (1) item placed on the head stone or foot stone.  Holiday season wreaths and winter grave decorations may be placed at anytime from the Friday before Thanksgiving until Christmas and will be removed by the fourth week of January.

The caretaker shall have the authority to remove all floral designs, flowers, weeds, trees, shrubs, plants of any kind, flags, and miscellaneous items which, in the judgment of the cemetery committee, become withered, faded, unsightly, unseasonable, dangerous, oversized, detrimental, diseased, or nonconforming to the standards maintained. 

The Earle’s Chapel Cemetery Association shall not be liable for decorations , floral bouquets, plants or herbage of any kind which are damaged by the elements, thieves, vandals, animals, or circumstances beyond the control of the Board of Directors.  Removal of decorations by unauthorized persons is strictly prohibited and violators will be prosecuted.

Papers, discarded flowers, and other trash shall be place in the rubbish containers provided.

Speed limit is 5 mph at all times.

These rules are not intended as restraints, but rather as measures to create and preserve the beauty of our cemetery—a place of beauty in which to provide a comforting place to visit and pay tribute to our loved ones. Rules revised in 2014.