2020 Homecoming Letter and Financials

Earle’s Chapel Cemetery Association

P.O. Box 602

Jacksonville, Texas 75766

Earle’s Chapel – Ironton Homecoming

Dear Friend,

You are receiving this letter because you are a part of the Earle’s Chapel Cemetery Association (ECCA) mailing list.

It is with deep regrets that the Cemetery Board of Directors has decided that we will cancel our “Homecoming” this year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board felt that it would be best for everyone’s health and safety that we cancel this year.

Remember that the upkeep and improvements to the cemetery are funded by your contributions. The care of the cemetery cannot be sustained without the financial support of family and friends. Due to the hard work of the Friends of Earle’s Chapel, our income was greater this year than our expenses. We certainly hope that this continues. This past year, our income was $13,062.18 while our expenses were $10,215.83.  (Please see other side for the financial report) If everyone contributes, then we can keep our Cemetery well maintained. We do have a healthy trust fund, but a fixed income from it would not be enough to meet our expenses. We must continue to rely on contributions, so please give generously.

You may send checks to:  

Earle’s Chapel Cemetery Association

P.O. ox 602

Jacksonville, TX 75766

Or through our Online Donation at https://friendsofearleschapel.org/cemetery-donations/

Please visit our web site at http://www.friendsofearleschapel.org.

We hope to see you again in 2021 when things are back to “normal”.

Yours truly,

Randy Ragsdale

President, Board of Directors

Earle’s Chapel Cemetery Association

 2019-2020 Financial Statement

2019-2020 End of Year

Beginning Bank Balance (6/1/19) $    2,312.74       
Income:Donations $ 10,787.18YTD
Gravesites sold $   2,000.00YTD
Fees $      275.00  YTD   
Total Income $ 13,062.18YTD
Expenses:Mowing $   8,400.00YTD
Postage $      159.50YTD
Speaker $      100.00YTD
Pesticide $             –  YTD
Other*(see below) $   1,556.33YTD
Total Expenses $ 10,215.83YTD
Beginning balance $   2,312.74
YTD Income $ 13,062.18
YTD Expenses $ 10,215.83
YTD Balance $   5,159.09
Summary of Trust Fund
Beginning Balance (6/1/19) $281,874.25
Interest and earnings$15,906.24YTD
YTD Balance $292,340.40
*Other—$1200 for road repair
$300 for annex use for Homecoming

Note-$3638.85 income from Fall Fund Raising