2021 Homecoming Letter and Financials

Earle’s Chapel Cemetery Association


Dear Friend,

     What a year we have all been through! As life seems to be getting back to some semblance of normal, we are excited to announce that we WILL be holding the Annual Earle’s Chapel-Ironton Homecoming event this year.

     The Earle’s Chapel Cemetery Association (ECCA) works hard to “get the word out” this time of year in preparation for “Homecoming”. For some who come each year, this is a time of fellowship with friends from the past. For some, it is a chance to get together with distant family. Yet for others, it is a time of remembrance and reflection of loved ones that have gone on before us. For whatever reason you have come in the past, we invite you to come again. Come and celebrate life with friends and family at the Annual Earle’s Chapel-Ironton Homecoming. As it has been for decades, it will be on the 4th Sunday of June- this year, Sunday, June 27, 2021. Come be a part of the memorial service. Share lunch with friends and family. Spend time walking the grounds of the church and cemetery. Be a part of sharing the legacy that you have with Earle’s Chapel, Ironton, the cemetery, and the community. There will be singing, celebration, and if history and fate have anything to do with it…a train in the middle of service! As usual, a General Meeting of the membership of the Earle’s Chapel Cemetery Association will be held after our lunch.

      The service will begin at 11 AM, but feel free to come early and chat, visit the cemetery, or just “get a good seat”.  Our service will feature a memorial for those we have lost since our last Homecoming in 2019, so if you would like your loved one included, please e-mail us at friendsofearleschapel@gmail.com with their name, birthdate, and the date of their passing.  Following the service, ECCA will be providing a catered meal at no charge, but please feel free to bring all your special desserts to share.  The annual General Meeting will be held in the Chapel at 1:15 PM.  All are welcome to attend.  At the conclusion of the service, we will all enjoy a good, old-fashioned hymn sing.  Come early….stay late.  Bring your canopies, lawn chairs and coolers, your family and your friends.  Let’s come together to share in the wonderful legacy of friendship and history with our Earle’s Chapel family.

    Finally, we ask that you remember that the upkeep and improvements to the cemetery are funded by your contributions.  The ability to keep our site well maintained depends on the financial support of our family and friends, so please give generously.  Donations may be mailed to:

Or through our Online Donation at https://friendsofearleschapel.org/cemetery-donations/

Please visit our web site at http://www.friendsofearleschapel.org.

Earle’s Chapel Cemetery Association

 2020-2021 Financial Statement

2020-2021 End of Year

Beginning Bank Balance (6/1/20)$  $5,159.09
Income: $ $8,720.00YTD
 $   2,800.00YTD
 $      100.00  YTD   
$ 579.00
Total Income $ 12,199.00YTD
Expenses: $   8,400.00YTD
 $ 56.00YTD
 $      0.00YTD
 $     339.07    YTD
 $   0.00YTD
Total Expenses $ 8,795.0YTD
 $ 5,159.09
 $ $12,199.00
$ 8,795.07
YTD Balance $   8,563.02
Summary of Trust Fund
Beginning Balance (6/1/20) $ 292,340.40
Deposits$ 0.00YTD
Interest and earnings$ 0.00YTD
Growth/Loss$ 78,908.03 YTD
Withdrawals$ 0.00YTD
YTD Balance$ 371,248.43

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