History of Grady Earle

Henry Grady Earle was born 12/13/1894 to A. F. and A. E. Earle.  Not much is known or remembered about his short life, but his final days are notable for two reasons. 

Grady, as he was known, was a Private in the Army Air Service during WWI, serving in a Balloon company.  The purpose of a balloon company was to go aloft in large balloons and scout out the position of the enemy.  This was, of course, a dangerous position to be in.  Pvt. Earle may not have experienced that particular danger, as he was still in training at the time of his death. 

Grady’s company was being trained at Fort Omaha, Nebraska.  History enthusiasts will recognize this as the epicenter of the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918.  He became ill during the second outbreak,  and succumbed to the illness on 10/15/1918.