Earle’s Chapel Church and Cemetery are Texas Historic Sites and treasured landmarks. Friends of Earle’s Chapel is a 501.(c).3 organization founded to assist in the preservation of these treasures.

Chapel Current Status – The Chapel recently underwent a major foundation improvement in December of 2020. The foundation was leveled to “true-up” the building. Two new piers were added to the existing three piers to give the building more support.. The work was performed by Ken Lusk, a respected tradesman, who has a history of restoring old buildings. (Generously underwritten by some major donors)

Near Future – When the weather in East Texas gets warmer the complete building will be stripped and repainted. There are plans to patch the interior walls due to cracks presented with the building settling. The interior will then be repainted. The two front ramps will be removed at this time to restore the front view of the building to historic views.

Future plans – Work on refinishing and repairing the three doors will be put out for bids and performed.